Knowledge Base

  1. Account management 

    1. Accessing an account with an incorrect email address (ECR)
    2. Update a billing credit card
    3. How to resubscribe
    4. Change my email address or user ID
    5. Start over with a clean slate
  2. Accountant 

    1. Sending info to accountants
    2. Use our product as a self-employment ledger
  3. Bank accounts 

    1. Connect a bank account
    2. Hide or delete a bank account
    3. Common online banking errors.
    4. Problems finding a bank
    5. About secure bank connections
  4. Categories 

    1. What’s new in categories for 2017?
    2. Income: Business Income
    3. Income: Personal Income
    4. Schedule C: Advertising
    5. Schedule C: Assets
  5. Etsy 

    1. Transfers
  6. Get started 

    1. QuickBooks Self-Employed overview
    2. How to get started
    3. Overview of the mobile app
    4. What is the tax bundle?
  7. Healthcare 

    1. Overview: Healthcare insurance
    2. Health insurance premiums
    3. Health savings account (HSA) contributions
    4. High-deductible health plans (HDHP)
    5. Healthcare penalties
  8. Home office 

    1. Overview of the home office deduction
    2. Square footage: Why it matters for your home office
    3. How we handle the home office deduction
    4. A home office when you work away from home?
  9. Importing transactions 

    1. Import transactions from other sources
    2. Problems importing transactions
    3. Import past transactions
    4. Import transactions from earlier date ranges
    5. Import transactions from Mint
  10. Invoicing 

    1. Invoicing overview
    2. Easy invoicing in QuickBooks Self-Employed
    3. What happens when you send an invoice?
    4. Let your clients pay you online
  11. Mileage and vehicles 

    1. Overview of mileage tracking and car expenses
    2. About auto, car, or vehicle deductions
    3. Standard mileage method versus actual expenses for vehicles
    4. Vehicle info settings and the Miles page (web version)
  12. Mobile 

    1. Estimated taxes explained
    2. Add a transaction in the mobile app
    3. Attach a receipt in the mobile app
    4. Invoicing in the mobile app
    5. Categorizing & editing transactions in the mobile app
  13. QuickBooks versions 

    1. Switch to another version of QuickBooks
    2. Choose the right version of QuickBooks
    3. Import QuickBooks data
    4. About reports
    5. Upgrade to QuickBooks Self-Employed + Turbo Tax Self-Employed
  14. Safety and security 

    1. Privacy and security in our product
    2. Protect my account better (tips)
  15. Taxes 

    1. Estimated taxes explained
    2. Who needs to pay estimated taxes?
    3. How we calculate estimated tax payments
    4. Pay federal estimated quarterly taxes
    5. Use your Social Security number to register with EFTPS for online quarterly payments
  16. Transactions 

    1. Review, mark, or change transactions
    2. Add a new transaction
    3. Category types
    4. Duplicate transactions
    5. Use rules to speed up reviewing and categorizing transactions
  17. Zen99 

    1. Switch from Zen99 to QuickBooks Self-Employed
  18. All articles 

    1. Review, mark, or change transactions
    2. Switch to another version of QuickBooks
    3. Reset my password
    4. Sending info to accountants
    5. Problems connecting a bank

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